Mandatory Minimums

by Swampy & The Note Troll

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This one goes out to anyone who's been jailed, derailed, or otherwise failed by the current system of prohibition and profiteering.

All tracks recorded. mixed and mastered at Red Room Recordings - Collingwood. All songs written and performed by Cody Thompson and Josh Maitland. Fueled by fine scotch and decent beer. All photos taken by Vince Cook. This album was made possible with more than a little help from our friends. Swampy & the Note Troll would like to thank our families, supporters and fans.


released March 27, 2015

Huge thanks to: Jess & Sarah for their love & patience; Aisling Doolan for elevating our game (4,5,9,10); Bam528! for keeping the time and owning the space (4,6,8,10); Patty O'Malley for Spittin' some Truth (6); Torben Ruddock for a lyric or two (10); Colin Goodwin for slappin' da bass (12); Luke Armstrong for droppin' a beat (12); Bob Thomas for his golden ears; Neil Kramer for his wise words; NASA for the Space Sounds; and, everyone else who has supported this project or inspired our stories.



all rights reserved


Swampy & The Note Troll Guelph, Ontario

Swampy & the Note Troll is a Canadian songwriting and production team comprised of NASA scientist Cody "Swamp" Thompson & professional engineer and producer Josh "the Note Troll" Maitland.

The project began in July of 2013 as a 30 hour rock & roll therapy session after a rough couple of months, but has since transformed into a full-on blues soaked middle finger to the man.
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Track Name: Swampin' (Intro)
'let's swamp this bitch'
Track Name: Rectify
red lights burn clouded eyes
ya'll took me by surprise
no use in tellin' lies
the day has come to rectify

beat down left black & blue
not sure now what i'll do
fight the man or pay my dues
i've come unglued

pick me out from the police line
still got my axe to grind
rock & roll to pass the time
my eyes have cleared i've seen the sign

red lights burn clouded eyes
ya'll took me by surprise
but i got solid alibis
the day has come to rectify
Track Name: Ain't No Friend (of mine)
you ain't no friend of mine
you laid me on the line
when i stood up by your side

keep your friends in stride
cause when you need you will see
on who you can rely

you ain't no friend of mine
you dragged me on down your line
and now im doin' time
Track Name: Dream Seed
plant a little seed
and watch a life unfold
i've got allyou need
to make you're garden full
stay close to me
cause my body it's so cold
from all that i have seen
my eyes feel tired and old

take everything from me
you've taken all you need
what more could you want from me
just leave me be

from this little seed
a new life has grown
search through rocky seas
to put my mind at ease
Track Name: 7:58 am
broken doors and open drawers
trying to find the answer to a mystery
... one you cannot see
disassembling my world
watching all my folds unfurl you study me
... and where I keep my dreams

sitting in a concrete cell
trying to find where my hear fell
... away from me
contemplate the state im in
thinking that things could have worked out diferently
... but we'll never see

and this darkness inside of me
... you set it free
... you have set free
Track Name: The Woods
Listen Up Kids!
Track Name: Slide Along
close your eyes turn off your mind
it'll be alright when we see the light
nobody knows how deep it goes
so just hold on as we slide along
... home

open your eyes woke up your mind
let the darkness and light recombine
no one can see what will be come of me
on the other side as we continue to slide
... home

as fine grains of sand fall through a hand
cannot recall seeing at all
no one but me knows my reality
so i make it mine as we continue to slide
... alone
Track Name: Syd's Viscious
foot falls soft on wet concrete
there's no moon tonight and no light to see me
i creep down the street to where i wait for my prey
i'll wait here all night no i wont go away

now night starts to warm and i get afraid
i know what comes next that bright light of day
so i return to my home and you open the door
i go back to sleep just like the morning before

by the river's bend is where i went away
yea i went away and i'm staying away
i returned to home, yeah my home in the wild
but dont be afraid, i'll see you in a while
Track Name: Drive Away
i go for a drive to clear out my mind
chasing away all the bad thoughts of the day
watching the lines blur in front and behind
i close my eyes

dead leaves are falling all around me
and i can't stop the pain
i reach for my keys step into the rain
and drive away

continue to drive to the edge of the sky
drift into space where i can find some peace
the night is above me the earth is behind
i close my eyes
Track Name: Big Mistake Blues
thought i was on the right road
thought i was flying high
till one day they came a knockin'
thought i was gonna die

well i can't undo my ways
so i'm livin' big mistakes

took me away from my home
took me away as i cried
cried out to my lover
but i was locked inside

yea i can't undo my ways
so i'm livin' big mistakes

look out through the window
look on out at the sky
close my eyes breathe in the blues
that blanket all our lives

no i can't undo my ways
so i'm livin' big mistakes
Track Name: Left Hangin'
well i'm gonna sing you a story
about a man i knew to well
we used to roll together
till we ended up in jail

woke up late in the morning
and my good friend had gone
you know he left me hangin'
hangin' round singin' this song

took a bus cross country
with junkies whores and thieves
running away from judgement day
no he wound find no retreat